Bradley Smith

Bradley presents in Bogota, Colombia.
Bradley presents in Bogota, Colombia.

We are always telling ourselves a story. Our most important stories strive to make sense of universal human desires: the seeking of safety, our search for meaning, of understanding who we are and our purpose in this world. While our story is certainly shaped by our culture, traditions, and personal experiences, it remains unfinished, with each of us still the primary architect of our story. 

Our quest for meaning, identity, and purpose is - at its heart - a story; a flexible and creative imagining of a narrative we tell ourselves about ourselves, about our world around us, and about our place in that world.


Choice Theory is a highly-regarded, evidence-based Cognitive Behavioral Theory that presents a simple explanation for why we humans do what we do, and provides a sturdy framework from which to re-imagine our story.

Counseling with Choice Theory and Reality Therapy is a collaboration in story retelling; a co-creation of a new story we can tell ourselves about our motivations, how we construct meaning and purpose, about who we truly are, and what we are going to do with this re-imagined life.


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